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The key here is patience and speed control If your going to fast things will be forced and this is not a good idea. With that in mind lets start at the beginning so you have a strong foundation to build from.

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Skidding turns by pivoting your board works just fine except that youre dumping speed all the time.

S turns snowboarding. If you find yourself struggling to change edges and stay up. On a snowboard turning is how you stop steer and maintain control of the snowboard. You are not snowboarding until you are S turning.

Linking S Turns is the essence of snowboarding. My reason for creating Snowboardprocamp was so. Since 2011 Ive been producing snowboarding tutorials for beginner to advanced riders.

Make sure you are in a semi controlled environment like the learning areas on the mountain. The best part about learning how to. Your snowboard turns have to happen in one smooth movement.

Learning how to turn is the most important snowboarding skill you can master and Skidded Turns are the first step towards that goal. Not only does your ability improve but your style and confidence go into hyperdrive. As your board starts to point down hill rotate your head shoulders and hips.

Here we break the turn down into three phases. How to Link Turns on your Snowboard. By now You have already done the hard work C-turns come extremely quick if you follow the snowboard progression to the point and its very common for people to start linking turns straight away.

Obviously to be a real snowboarder you need to know how to turn Just getting down the hill doing falling leaf just wont cut it when youre a online snowboard coach member. The S turn is the most important thing you can learn on your snowboard. Start off in a heel side slide slip body facing down hill.

When youre ready to start a toe side turn press down on your front foot. Our Intermediate Master the Turns EP is our cornerstone product and will literally transform your average snowboarding turns into someone everyone watches from the chairlift. Now we get to link the two c turns together to make a complete s turn In other words linking turns on a snowboard.

When youre heading to the mountain for your first time youll start doing skidded turns first. Carving also lets you stay out longer because all that legwork on skidded turns eventually turns calf and thigh muscles into jelly. Once you link a couple of C-turns together it doesnt take long before youre away linking turns all around the mountain.

I taught snowboarding for over ten years in Whistler BC. 1 INITIATION PHASE OF THE Snowboard TURN or beginning. If you like the idea of carrying more speed through your turns its time to learn to carve.

2 CONTROL Phase of the Snowboard Turn or body 3 COMPLETIONPREPERATION or end Phase of the S Turn. MY TOP GEAR PICKSCAPITA HORRORSCOPE. The phases of the turn.

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